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Mark License Terms



ECAAS Certification Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company with its head office in Adelaide. Through the use of a network of auditors, we provide our services to clients in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and 28 other countries across the globe. The following Mark Licence Terms applies to all ECAAS Certification clients, and those clients represented by ECAAS’ subsidiary company Kaizendo International Ltd in Japan, as well as the following ECAAS divisions: 

  • Queensland Certification (Queensland, Australia), 

  • West Coast Certification (Western Australia, Australia), and 

  • Kiwi Certification (New Zealand). 


We believe that organisations that have met all the relevant requirements for Certification should be proud of their achievements. To assist in promoting your status as a certified organisation, ECAAS authorises its certified clients to use the appropriate Certification Marks. 


Although we strongly encourage the use of the appropriate Marks, their usage is subject to the Marks Licence Terms as set out in this document. 


It is the responsibility of the certified organisation to ensure their use of the Certification Marks complies with the relevant requirements. If you have any doubts about the usage of the Marks, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. 


Does JASANZ Accreditation affect use of the ECAAS Certification Marks? 

ECAAS Certification provides its services under JASANZ accreditation, giving you peace of mind that your Certification will be recognised anywhere in the world. 


ECAAS is accredited by JASANZ for the following International Standards: 

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems 

  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems 

  • ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems 


ECAAS also provides unaccredited certification for many other internationally and locally recognised Standards and Guidelines. However, the related Unaccredited Certification Marks are subjected to different requirements and must be displayed separately to Certification Marks representing accredited Standards with JASANZ (see The Unaccredited ECAAS Certification Marks section for more information).  


Who can or cannot use the ECAAS Certification Marks? 

The Certification Marks must only be used by organisations Certified by ECAAS. They cannot be used by: 

  • a parent company; 

  • a subsidiary company; 

  • a company that has applied for certification but is not yet certified; 

  • another company that has any connection with the certified company (e.g. a supplier, a purchaser, a consultant to the company, a franchise, etc);  

  • a company whose Certification has been withdrawn or suspended; or 

  • a company not certified to a scheme to which ECAAS is accredited by JASANZ (applies to use of the JASANZ symbol only). 


Use of the Certification Marks is always limited to the certification standard(s) to which current certification is held. 


Where can the ECAAS Certification Marks be displayed? 


The Certification Marks can and should be used to convey the organisation’s certification to clients and the public. Provided all Mark licence terms are adhered to, it can be used on: 

  • company websites*; 

  • corporate letterhead, brochures, building signage, etc.; 

  • business cards; email signature blocks; 

  • advertising material; 

  • motor vehicles; and 

  • other promotional material. 


* As per Section 5.5. of the ECAAS Marks Terms of Use, where ECAAS Certification Marks are displayed on the Licensee’s website a hyperlink to the ECAAS website ( must be included.  


If you would like some help deciding how to use and/or display your Certification Mark, we are happy to help. 


What care should be taken when using the ECAAS Certification Marks?


The Certification Marks may not be applied in any way that can be interpreted as implying a product is certified. This may include use of ECAAS Certification Marks (or other references to Certification) on products and/or on product packaging. The Certification Marks should also not be used on laboratory test, calibration and inspection reports as such reports are deemed ‘products’ in this context. 


How to get electronic copies of the ECAAS Certification Marks? 


Once certification is granted the organisation will receive a Certificate of Registration detailing the applicable Certification Mark. Electronic copies of the Certification Mark in a variety of formats can be provided once Certification is granted. 

The Accredited ECAAS Certification Marks 


The Licensee has the option to choose from a variety of Accredited Certification Marks which may all be used interchangeably within the scheme to which the certification relates. 


An Accredited Certification Mark may be displayed in any size, however it must not be distorted, must maintain the proportions and format as supplied and all text must be legible, as follows:  

ISO Certification
ISO Certification
JASANZ Accreditation

The JASANZ mark may only be used in conjunction with the Accredited Certification Standards illustrated above.


The JASANZ mark can be represented in any single colour to conform to existing pre-printed stationery or newspaper and magazine articles.


The JASANZ mark may not be used in isolation of an Accredited Certification Mark and may not be disproportionally represented with reference to the Accredited Certification Marks. The relation between the Accredited Certification Mark, the JASANZ symbol and the client company must be clear. The colours used must be as specified in these Terms or in Black & White.

ISO Certification

The Unaccredited ECAAS Certification Marks


For Unaccredited Certification Standards, the Licensee has the option to choose from a variety of Unaccredited Certification Marks which may all be used interchangeably within the scheme to which the certification relates.


The Unaccredited Certification Marks may be displayed in any size, however they must not be distorted, must maintain the proportions and format as supplied and all text must be legible.

ISO Certification
ISO Certification
ISO Certification
ISO Certification

Other Standards


The illustrations above include only a sample of ECAAS’ extensive list of unaccredited Standards.


We are always keen to further assist our clients and if you are interested in a certification that is not listed here, then please let us know – we’d be happy to assist further.

Accredited and Unaccredited Certification Systems


As mentioned previously, the JASANZ mark must not be displayed with the above Unaccredited Certification Marks.  If you are certified to both Accredited and Unaccredited Standards with ECAAS, you can use the JASANZ mark as per the relevant terms with your Accredited Certification Mark, however you must ensure that the JASANZ mark and any associated Accredited Certification Marks are displayed separately to any Unaccredited Certification Marks.

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